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Best E-commerce Online Marketplace for Seller in Singapore

Best E-commerce Online Marketplace for Seller in Singapore

If you are selling physical product or digital product, the most important things are traffic, marketplace has huge traffic with ready buyer. There are many shopping marketplaces in Singapore but for now we only focus on the top 5 in Singapore.

1. Qoo10 Singapore

Qoo10 Sg

Qoo10 is one of the oldest platform with highest traffic. You can sell all sorts of products from fashion, furniture to groceries. However, it may not be as good as a few years back as the market share is taken up by newer player such as Lazada, Shopee and Amazon.

For new seller, it be tougher to get visibility for your product listing as item ranking is very much depend on recent sales and item price. Therefore, paid advertising is needed to get more exposure for your listing for instance premium time sale, premium daily deal, group buy, brand avenue or keywords bidding. If you want your item to be featured its best to partner with Qoo10 account manager but in return they need you to spend on Qcash.

2. Lazada Singapore

Lazada Sg

Lazada is one of best marketplace as their traffic is as high as on Qoo10. Similarly, Lazada sites also can sell all kind of products. The best part is campaign for Lazada is free to join and you can boost your sales especially during mega campaign. If your items have some sales and eligible for flash sale, its definitely worth to join flash sale as it can boost your sales and item ranking but item price must be at least 10% off regular price.

For brand owner, they can have the option to join as Lazmall directly. Benefit of Lazmall is 3 additional seller picks, Lazmall badge, Lazmall channel, brand campaign, higher search ranking, golden slots and unique marketing data dashboard.

3. Shopee Singapore

Shopee Sg

Shopee is quite similar to Lazada and the fees for regular seller is only 2.14% The listing feature for Shopee is a bit different as seller are unable to put images in description. There rarely any campaign to join for seller, most of campaign is decided by Shopee for selected seller only.

Seller are encouraged to give free shipping and participate in cashback campaign. It seems profit is lower seller are selling at lower price and competing against each other. Especially if your items are new and selling similar items, getting sales would really be tough, pricing wise at least need to be slightly lower than competitor. For getting exposure for your listing, seller can try our keywords bidding.

4. Carousell Singapore

Carousell Sg

Carousell is a B2C and C2C marketplace. Seller can either sell new products or second hand products and even services. There are scam cases on Carousell and buyer better beware if the transaction is out of the marketplace or payment is requested upfront because there is no guarantee you will receive your item.

This marketplace is more suitable to sell low quantity items as customer are unable to see your stock level nor quantity sold. Moreover, your listing ranking will dropped after a few days, to improve visibility, carousell encouraged paid ads. Hints you are not allowed to list duplicate listing on Carousell.

5. Amazon Singapore

Amazon Sg

Amazon is the newest platform in Singapore, only started at end of 2017. Their primary focus is user on mobile for amazon prime app. The advantages of Amazon prime are fast and free shipping for its subscriber. This marketplace is more in favor for groceries seller. Amazon Sg however have much small market share as compared to other marketplace.

If you need expertise for in completing certain task, you may consider hiring a freelancer. Whether for e-commerce, marketing or design there always specialist who can help you out.