Chin Yean

Freelancer Sg Chin YeanHi, I’m Chin Yean. As someone who pick up many skillsets on own and through online course as well as work experience. Transitioned from an engineer to become digital marketer and e-commerce specialist.


I help businesses in market research, plan for promotion, hand on for Facebook marketing and SEO. Specialize for online marketplace.


Helping companies grow their e-commerce through online marketplace. The first company I worked with Emperor Brand which I help manage sales of over 2 million a year with sales increased of 30%. Also work as independent consultant to strategize existing business and improve sales significantly in 1 month.


I provide website solutions that include both design and development for corporate and individual customers.


There's an important distinction between having a design style and a design point of view. I learned to be flexible with style, but sometime firm on my point of view.


I’m qualified and experienced video professional for post production and editing.